Abroad to Tanzania Safaris offers safari lodge accommodations at many different lodges, tented camps, mobile camps, and campsites located throughout Tanzania that match the various itinerary preferences and African safari vacation packages our guests select. In this way, your safari lodges are located near destinations you visit. By having relationships with many African safari lodges and African safari camps in Tanzania, it gives us the flexibility for you to choose Africa vacation packages in any location within Tanzania and receive the benefit of special booking rates based on our on-going relationships with accommodations we use. You can choose accommodation at all price points so safaris can be custom designed based on your specific budget.

African safari lodge accommodations are classified by 3 categories: Budget, Classic, and Luxury. These categories apply to safari non-camp lodging and safari camp lodging sites. Some remote areas of Tanzania do not offer all 3 categories of accommodations so this narrows down accommodation selections in these specific areas. Independent of the category of accommodations you select, all lodging facilities are safe, clean, friendly, and comfortable.


Abroad to Tanzania Safaris provides African safari vacation packages that offer affordable accommodations that fit every budget. Budget safaris open the door for everyone to enjoy a “cheap safari” without cheapening your experience . Abroad to Tanzania Safaris budget safari offers accommodations that provide clean water, bathrooms, and electrical power to recharge batteries after a long day on our Africa vacation packages. Comfort and safety are our highest priority so, although a budget safari costs less, it does not compromise guest safety, health, or comfort.


Classic safaris provide a nice balance between budget and luxury safari accommodations. In some lodges, it will be difficult to distinguish between classic safari and luxury safari accommodations. When staying at classic safari accommodations our guests have large tents that do not have permanent floors. They have mechanical showers with about 5.5 gallon water containers that our camp crew fills up when quests request a shower. The water flows easily but the amount of water is limited to 5.5 gallons per person per shower. If you are sharing a tent you re-filled the request the container is filled up again for the second person. These tents have portable plastic mobile toilets.

Classic safaris often use African lodges that are architecturally designed in ways that reflect native African bomas that are round in shape or bandas that have thatched roofs that reflect the traditional African cultural way of life. These unique feature give classic accommodations a uniquely African charm and ambiance while providing quality rooms and excellent service.


Abroad to Tanzania Safaris vacation packages include the luxury safari option, if you would like some pampering while traveling in the African bush. It provides the best of both worlds as it combines the natural scenic beauty of African landscapes and wildlife viewing with sophisticated luxury African safari accommodations. Luxury Africa vacation packages use lodges with permanent walls and floors and have spacious elegant rooms with running shower. It may also be a large permanent tented lodge/hotel with floor and running shower but with canvas wall. We arrange luxury safari accommodations for clients who request them. They are also the accommodations for guests who select the Tranquility and Honeymoon Safari packages.

Because our guides are very familiar with unique and remote locations in the African bush not frequented by large numbers of tourists, they know where the luxury lodges are located. You can fly in and out of these remote locations that have small landing strips on bush planes. These allow for greater solitude, privacy, and romance with unobstructed views of the natural life surrounding you. The luxury accommodations in these areas are low-key and service a limited number of guests, which enhances the charm, quality, and intimacy of your safari experience. Luxury safari accommodations provide the highest standards of comfort and service. Because luxury lodges are always in very high demand, guests are advised to confirm their bookings at least 4 months in advance.