About Us

Abroad Tanzania Safaris run safari tour operator based in Arusha Tanzania. We warmly welcome you to an African travel adventure guaranteed to last a lifetime. We would like to open up the Tanzanian landscape to our visitors and friends to discover Tanzania’s hidden mysteries. You will feel our love of our native land and our passion to share its secrets with you. We prefer to call our clients our “guests.” Our team intends is to transform our “guests” into extended family as we journey together on your safari. This basic attitude permeates every aspect of your safari experience with us.

We give you an opportunity to design your own safari program which enables you to blend it with a range of activities including wildlife viewing, cultural experience, recreational activities like biking and canoeing, trekking and beach holidays. Through our tailor made safaris, individuals are able to choose specific accommodations they prefer. Be part of an adventure of a life time that only Abroad Tanzania Safaris can customize for you.


Abroad Tanzania Safaris is one of a handful of leading African Tour Companies conveniently located in Arusha Tanzania situated geographically between Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world (elevation 19,341 ft.) an hour to our east, and the Serengeti, one of the worlds most well preserved and awe inspiring landscapes and largest wild animal life preserves in the world, just four hours drive to our west. Our location is within an hour of two major airports: Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) and Arusha Airport (ARK) that connects Arusha to domestic airports throughout Tanzania, including remote air strips in remote areas of the African bush.


Abroad Tanzania Safaris is unique among Safari Companies in Tanzania in its distinct approach to travel tourism in a remote area of the world. Abroad Tanzania Safaris views itself as a mediator connecting its travel guest to the specific kinds of experiences they would like in sub-Saharan Central East Africa. We are also a cultural mediator connecting our guest to the cultural life of the diverse and colorful peoples inhabiting the Serengeti and its surrounding areas.

Abroad Tanzania Safaris combines three basic and distinct elements in the safari experience: Wildlife, Culture and Recreation. Our objective is to provide its guests with the opportunity to create and modify their own individual travel experience by selecting from its wide menu of safari choices based on their specific interests. In this way, our guests can have as holistic a travel experience as they would like by accenting their specific safari experience with their own specific interests and travel needs.

Traveling Africa’s rough roads requires time for our guests to get out of the safari jeep to stretch and exercise their bodies on a regular basis. “More” is often “less” on a safari, as time is needed to allow the experience to sink-in more deeply before moving on. Travelers need time to digest and process their new experiences and feelings both alone and within the privacy of family and friends accompanying them while traveling to fully take in their safari experience.


Our guides keep our guests continuously engaged in their travel experience by shifting between experiencing one of the most awe inspiring landscapes on earth and viewing its wildlife. You will learn how they live and survive in their natural habitat and become familiar with the instinctive patterns of diverse species as both predator and prey live and survive within close proximity to one another.

Quietude is an important part of the wildlife safari experience. When predatory animals get close to the safari jeep, which has an open air roof for guests to look out from and take pictures and videos, travelers must be very quiet so as not to scare of the animals or the herd. When the magnificent and colorful birds of the Serengeti are near, you can actually hear them call to one another through their chirps. You can hear the growl of lions, watch them hunt with their pride of lionesses, see the graceful cadence of giraffes walking nearby while hippos may be submerged in small ponds and rivers with a herd of elephants in the background. You may become enchanted while watching primate families play together with delicate facial features that look human-like as they move around within the huge and odd looking baobab trees and lower trees and bushes surrounding them in the bush.


Abroad Tanzania Safaris guides provide on-going opportunities for travel guests to get out of the jeep to participate in various hands-on recreational activities such as walking, trekking, mountain climbing, diving into waterfalls to cool off, canoeing, and biking.


Africa is home to some of the last indigenous tribal-based ethnic communities on earth. Visiting Africa is an opportunity to meet these colorful traditional peoples who have survived in the wild for thousands of years, before they become extinct. The peoples who live in the conservation area of the Serengeti and its outlying areas are gentle, friendly, and playful. They get excited and thrilled by the novelty of seeing foreign visitors. It is not unusual to find children, adolescents and women hanging out along remote dusty roads in the bush. They often want to play and invite interaction. You may want to throw a frisbee with them which they have never seen or played with before. They may want to share an impromptu tribal chant or dance with you. You may want to teach them a game, song, or dance. In this way, everyone grows through personal interchanges as peoples from distant parts of the world get to know one another on a more personal basis.

As an Africa Tour Operator, we provides cultural immersion experiences and cultural tours through high quality and trusting relationships they have developed with various tribal-based groups living in the Serengeti. It employs guides who are members of these ethnic communities who know the indigenous customs and traditional languages of these groups. They include the Datoga, Sonjo, Hadzabe, and Maasai peoples. In remote areas, our guests can interact with these colorful and pristine traditional peoples who have remained unspoiled by modern forms of life and technologies. These indigenous communities enjoy and encourage these visits as it is a novel experience for them to share their culture through the handmade crafts they would like to share. This also provides an additional income source for them as most tribal peoples require some money-based economy as they are not totally self-sufficient.


As a client of ours, your trip can be customized to suit your timeline, interests, abilities and budget.


Accommodations for our guests fit every budget and travel lifestyle. Abroad Tanzania Safaris works with hundreds of lodges and camp sites (budget, classic, and luxury) throughout Tanzania. Within each price category, we only works with lodges that provide quality services with a high standard of cleanliness, and comfort.


We realize through our many years of experience with travelers from abroad that the physical security and conditions of the African visitor is of the highest priority. At the end of the travel day, guests need high quality, clean, and restful accommodations to unwind from the dusty African trail. They also need nutritious vitamin rich and well balanced food menus while on their travel adventure. In the event of any medical emergencies, we works with Flying Doctors who are continuously on hand that are ready to reach the most remote areas of the African bush by helicopter to treat, rescue, or even evacuate guests to nearby hospitals, if necessary. As long as the travel guest is in our safe hands, they are assured of the maximum security to the health and well-being of their bodies and belongings during the duration of the safari.


Abroad Tanzania Safaris views every aspect of the travel experience as an informal learning experience that includes fun within the context of a growing community. To us, guests are part of an intimate traveling community. It can be a seminar on wheels as our guests discuss details about what they are learning, seeing, and feeling while traveling. This conversation can continue into the night while sitting around campfires under the glow of the dense and brilliant star-studded African night sky. The guest is not just a “tourist,” but rather part of a mobile small family group that learns and discovers through new experiences that evoke new thoughts and feelings. Traveling through the Serengeti and other areas of Tanzania stimulates intellectual, emotional, physical and sensory enhancement that linger as they combine seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, feeling, and doing.